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An ideal organization for students of psychology, APPIC has posted its website to make it as convenient as logging on to their site to find out about the requirements or criteria needed for becoming qualified for a membership with them. notes that although their organization offers a prestigious and desirable membership with APPIC and rewarding opportunities, you may have to use other sources to qualify for certain licenses at the state, territorial or provincial licensing where you are located.


The psychology internship includes a doctoral level staff psychologist and two assistants who have also acquired a doctoral level qualification. The student’s internship training involves granting services directly to patients or clients with assessments, consultations and treatments while simultaneously being exposed to a varied selection of patients. The intern must also spend two or more hours doing case conferences, attending seminars or other things of this nature. It is explained that the enrollees to the internships should have had formal academic credit to the degree level in either clinical psychology, school counseling or counseling in itself. Other fine points are listed at for those visiting the site such as about posting complaints, your written evaluation that is prepared twice yearly and the total amount of hours that will be required.

The intern’s payment is described here and what the requirements are. The payments are called stipends which are usually less then the regular salary received by a psychologist. The website at provides a list of currently available positions for interns. You will be able to browse two lists, one for unfilled and the other for filled positions which casts insight on to the challenging opportunities ahead. Finally, an address for submitting your transcript is listed with two translation sites that are acceptable to the organization for those from other countries that want to submit a transcript in another tongue.

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