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AppFirst.comAppFirst is the kind of service that no developer worth its salt does without. Generally, we can say that AppFirst is a monitoring service for applications. This web-based service can look at the performance of all kind of apps, and let you fix IT issues before any real damage is caused to your reputation.


AppFirst can monitor the performance of your apps and your actual servers, and the way this monitoring is carried out (the data is collected on a set of intervals) means that the chances of anything critical going unnoticed is notably minimized. Data is collected from several sources, and contrasted all the time. The amount of inferences you will have to make is seriously dwindled, and it is replaced by actual information for you to act upon.

The only way for you to realize how all of the above translates into practice is actually trying AppFirst in person. That can be done for free – a package named Basic is provided for trial purposes, and two paid plans are available for those who want to monitor everything even more closely. In Their Own Words

Fix IT issues before users even notice.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way the whole app works is sure to let any developer rest assured his apps are working as intended.

Some Questions About

How much of a technically-minded person must you be to get the best out of this application?

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