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AppExplorer.comA site that goes by a name which leaves you with no doubts about its function, AppExplorer offers a quick solution when in comes to looking up interesting apps for your mobile that can be procured within a given price range.

The site includes a search tool which comes complete with two drop down boxes in order to give you the chance to narrow results.

These drop down menus include one named “Categories”, and another that will let you set down the price. The latter will let you have your pick from “free” to “5 US$”, whereas the former features almost thirty categories. Perennials like “Games” and “Social Networking” are included along with others such as “Education”, “Finance” and “Photography”.

This service is quite practical, and some features like configurable alerts when related apps surface just give it added oomph. All in all, it does what it sets out to do quite well, and if you are on the lookout for new apps this site will keep you going without distractions. In Their Own Words

“Find mobile apps that match your interests; receive price drop and new app alerts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The portal plays out a concise role, and at no cost whatsoever.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t more refinement labels be added in order to give users a more focused experience?