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AppDrobot.comHave you already compiled a list with all the best mobile apps that you have used during 2010? Well, what about sharing your finds with everybody? A site like this one would turn that into a really easy task.

AppDrobot is an online repository of mobile apps that are reviewed by people like you and me. Anybody can submit his favorite apps, and explain exactly why they make the grade for him.

Of course, developers are actively encouraged to submit what they have created and start picking feedback up. That is the way sites of this nature have always operated, and AppDrobot is certainly no exception to that rule.

AppDrobot is certainly encompassing in terms of the platforms that are supported. iPhones, Blackberries, Android phones, Nokia mobiles… Having made such an effort to cater for so many users can be but fruitful in the long run, specially when one bears in mind that related websites focus only on one isolated smartphone or the other. And more than twenty different categories of apps are included for each and every handset. In Their Own Words

Share, submit, rate and review all your favorite mobile app from all platforms in one place.

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many mobiles are supported that the appeal of the site is pumped up more than considerably.

Some Questions About

How many submissions does the site see per day?