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AppCircus.comApp Circus aims to let developers of mobile apps promote what they do, and begin carving their own paths. On the site, developers can connect with people who want to organize events and start collaborating together. These events are precisely what give the site its name, and so far App Circuses both in Europe and in South America have been confirmed.


The one who wins the App Circus for his city is actually participating in the next Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona in 2011, and compete for the coveted Mobile Premier Award.

As a platform, App Circus is all the more interesting because it is open even to developers whose apps are not listed on any marketplace. They are actually more than welcome to participate. If you are one, just head to the site and fill out the provided contact form. You are not going to be charged anything, and even if you fail to be declared the winner of the App Circus for your city you will still get a lot of publicity. In Their Own Words

The open global app showcase platform.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it gives app developers an excellent chance to begin making a name for themselves.

Some Questions About

Will these App Circuses be held every year from now on?

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