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AppBaker.comAppBaker is here to let business owners have branded iPhone apps to go with their already-existing websites. AppBaker will let them choose from a host of starter packs and then customize the one they have picked until its style fits what they want to have conveyed. Content can be added and culled from several data sources by using the provided API, and before submitting it to the App Store the one who has built it will have a chance to test it live. The provided iPhone player makes that process an instant one.

Education, Sports, Radio Stations, Press & Media, Tourism… Packs for the creation of mobile apps that deal with these topics and industries are already featured for users to pick and customize at will. And those who have some basic technical knowledge will be able to take advantage of it, and have an even more active role in the creation of their apps.

So, businessmen that for one reason or the other are yet to provide their customers with a mobile app to go with their sites will now be able to easily do so, and exert as much control as they might possible want over their actual creation. In Their Own Words

Build custom-branded native iPhone apps online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for everybody to have a fully-functional iPhone app to go with his own site.

Some Questions About

What about apps for other smartphones? What options are there?