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AppAware.orgWe can define AppAware as an application that aims to give those who own an Android a ready chance to learn from the activity of fellow users and become “aware” about these applications that others are favoring at any time. This is a truly social service – by looking at which apps are being installed and uninstalled it intends to stand as a live map regarding Android-connected activity and usage.

It also tracks these apps that are updated, and that is another element that factors heavily into the equation of what is being used and how often.

Integration with Twitter is likewise included, and it is possible to have your Android-related activity displayed as part of your stream, and with little input at that. You simply configure that once and then your Twitter account will be linked with you AppAware profile smoothly enough.

In final place, it is important to mention that the site includes a full section devoted to statistics. If you want to figure out which apps are the all-time favorite ones simply pay it a visit and start drilling until you arrive at the category of app that you are after. In Their Own Words

“AppAware shares online your installations, updates and removals of Android applications. In this way you become aware (App-Aware) of what other users are installing on their Android phones right now!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s fast, free and illuminating enough for most Android users. If you are one and you believe in the wisdom of crowds it will do very fine.

Some Questions About

Is there anything like it for iPhone users?