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AppatureINC.comAppature can be defined as a technology provider specialized in the field of enterprise marketing solutions for the healthcare industry. These include the deployment of campaigns whose efficiency can be measured in real time, the creation of promotional and community websites (again, whose performance can be tracked), and the creation of online training and promotional modules in a simple fashion.

That is actually the professed objective of the company: building a “better mousetrap” that is “surprisingly simple” to use, and that should enable any service provider to understand their current customers, bring new ones along and (hopefully) boost their revenue figures.

As it is often the case with corporate websites, there is a also a section entitled careers that describes job openings and career opportunities within the company. Positions are detailed therein along with the inherent responsibilities that working at the company entails.

All in all, a visit to this site might turn out to be a good move if you are part of the healthcare industry and want to consolidate your standing. Whether you are a medical device provider or a pharmaceutical company, the services on offer are worth being weighed up. In Their Own Words

“Appature is a technology provider specializing in Enterprise Marketing Management software and Web applications. Our focus is exclusively on the healthcare industry. We are experienced yet nimble enough to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and challenges. We provide products and services that allow clients to reach their customers more effectively. We help our clients create cross-channel opportunities, develop useful and relevant product features, and increase their marketing ROI.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a company that takes the latest marketing approaches and applies them to the healthcare industry in an individualized manner.

Some Questions About

Does the site include a portfolio of companies that Appature works with?