– Apparel Industry directories is a resource for the apparel manufacturing industry, including clothing stores, fashion wholesalers, and clothing factory directories.

The site’s aim is to connect members of the clothing industry at any stage with every bit of the fashion-making process and textile materials. At users will find information on issues as varied and diverse as textile fiber and dry cleaning techniques and providers, all the way up the chain to the finished garment hanging in the world’s finest fashion boutiques, who they are and how to find them. Since the site covers such an ample range of topics, a large audience will benefit from it, so whether you are up to fashion design, apparel manufacturing, wholesale clothing or retailing, will come in handy. But even if you are a sweatshirt lover or rather more down-to-earth businesses, you can find something for you too, as there is profuse information on this site about the importing and exporting process including freight, customs clearance and warehousing.