KillerStartups – Finding The Perfect Horse At Appaloosas

If you are a horse lover or looking to buy then you need to check out This is a web site that you will find some of the prettiest mare and stallions for sale. Rick and Toni Petersen live on a 95 acre ranch in the foothills of Oregon. They have six stallions and 20 broodmares. Each year since 1991 they have had 8-10 foals. There are horses for sale on and you can find out the ancestry of each horse, if you choose to buy one. Each of the horses goes through training and is well disciplined.

On it is mentioned that the Petersens open their ranch for the local chapter of 4-H group. They take the time out of their busy schedules and the kids learn and take care of each of the special horses. You will find one page on that is dedicated to what they have for sale. Right now they have four that you can buy. They include a black and white paint colt sire that is very nice and athletic. He is worth the price that they are asking. There is also a 4 year old filly that needs a gentle hand. There is a five year old gelding and placed 4th in the National Gelding Standings which would be a nice prize to have. The last one they have listed is an appaloosa mare who is very kind and gentle. You can call or e-mail to inquire about each of these beauties. Make sure you check out soon.

Appaloosas In The Web

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