– A Platform For Managing Mobile Ads

AppAds.comiPhone developers that are looking for a supple way to capitalize their creations are well-advised to stop by this website, as a platform that can be employed to these very purposes is found right here.

This platform (named “.

app/ads”) will enable developers to optimize their existing inventories and take care of in app purchases. Moreover, it is possible to sell space directly to any interested advertiser as well as other developers.

Functionalities for adding rollover Twitter and RSS support are likewise provided in order to increase the degree of engagement of users (and ensuring better click rates), and networks can not only be matched but also mixed for better outreach. Ad exchanges (both present and future) can be taken care of in an equally simple fashion.

Ultimately, the site stands as an interesting alternative to other resources providing services which fall in the same category. It has one clear advantage, namely being free to use. If you have never paid a site such as this one a visit before, you can take everything in as slowly or measured as you could want. In Their Own Words

“Ad management platform for iPhone developers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a management platform, it takes care of mostly everything – exchange of ads, rollover functionalities (so as not to get on the patience of users), network matching… and it does so cost-effectively.

Some Questions About

Are all kind of apps whatsoever supported by such a platform?