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AppAddictive.comThere’s no denying that Facebook fan pages have superseded “proper” websites in popularity. While building a website takes money and technical skills, Facebook fan pages can be up and running within minutes, and at no cost whatsoever. Not only that, fan pages can be taken as far as one wants to take them thanks to the myriad of apps which are available, letting them become nothing short of online points of sale with full multimedia capabilities.

A really fine case in point: AppAddictive. This nascent startup lets users turn their fan pages on Facebook into something that can give the most elaborate websites a sheer run for their money. AppAddictive includes a series of applications that anyone can use to engage visitors in the strongest possible way.

Maps, quizzes, games, image and video galleries… it can all be added to pages in just two clicks, and used to make visitors interested in what is being offered or sold. And it can all be done free of charge, too. Adding any of the featured apps is done by merely highlighting it. In Their Own Words

Offer engaging content on your Facebook Page with our user friendly apps that turn your visitors into customers!

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