Apolo.gy – The Place To Clear Your Conscience

Apolo.gyWe all make mistakes, and – to us – they are always relevant. Someone once said that the perception of a problem is far too tied to the person who is affected.

That is, we might make a mistake that others deem as superfluous yet it can bring our whole world apart. I think it has to do with the fact that we feel we have left others (and ourselves) down. But mending up is not really that difficult. Apologizing to others for what we have done is a good way to start setting things to right.

Apoplo.gy, then. This is a new site where users can convene in order to apologize for something they have done, get it out of their systems and carry on with their lives.

The posts range from rolling on the floor hilarious to tear jerking sad. Apolo.gy is a virtual truck stop wall. Apolo.gy is not the confession police however so there are no rules. It is just you, your feelings and the world. Express yourself, relieve the pain and be ready to keep walking forward. That is what the site is all about.

Apolo.gy In Their Own Words

“Apology is defined as an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret. Apolo.gy was created to be the place to clear your conscience and for others to sympathize with you or laugh at your expense. One or the other will happen. Either way you remain completely anonymous from the public. The content is published on the site and written exclusively by our users. This site is the place to dump all the regrets you have carried on your shoulders all this time and read other peoples apologies. The site aims to be fun to read all day every day.”

Why Apolo.gy It Might Be A Killer

Many will find it a therapeutically-apt way to let go off guilt and anxiety.

Some Questions About Apolo.gy

How long can an apology be? Can it be accompanied by pictures? Apolo.gy