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In Europe are many countries, countries with a mixture of ethnic groups and cultures are especially common around borderlines. Latvia is one country like this, and where this news journal comes from. Native Latvians comprise roughly sixty two percent of the population but there are also a large number of Russian citizens at almost 29 percent. Minorities include Poles, Lihuanians and Ukrainians as well as Belarusians. is an online newspaper published in Riga, the largest city in Latvia and all of the Baltic states. The importance of this city include its being a seaport, industrial center and commercial area. portrays all the things the people want to know such as fashion, weather, celebrities including international ones, the law and more.


The latest religious news, political issues, health concerns and sports stories together with those listed above as well as horoscopes and interesting tidbits about all kinds of people and events combine forces to be just what you’ll want to read, even from other regions. The large metropolis the paper originates from is one of the largest cities in Europe and it is competitive with the best of European newspapers.

With the online paper you can see real videos, read blogs of interest, examine recipes, view news on housing projects and photos of unique architecture you have probably never seen before. Theater and art are also covered. is available on mobile complete with your choice of pictures or not in a highly readable format for those who don’t have handy access to a computer. Comments are invited in every section. Joining the community at this website is as easy as creating a profile and password for yourself. Contributions to science, economics and more inform readers of the intelligent choices available to them.

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Author : Irene Davids

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