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Not many people in the United States realize it, but India has a thriving television and movie community. All the latest news and views from Bollywood is chronicled on apnicommunity.com, which bills itself as India’s #1 entertainment portal. Visitors to apnicommunity.com are able to get the information on all the hottest content from the subcontinent, ranging from TV shows, movies, music videos and much more.

Apnicommunity.com is packed full of information, both true and speculative. Those in the know about Indian soap operas will find much to like here, with plot hints, the movement of actors from show to show, and lots of teasers and spoilers. There are news and gossip sections on both the Bollywood movie community and the television (or ‘telly’) workers as well. Apnicommunity has a thriving set of user forums as well, where juicy news and speculation about favorite actors and shows is swapped, all with a large dose of attitude.

Those who wish to get a feel for the types of programs that come out of India can find lots of videos to watch on Apnicommunity.com, ranging from theatrical trailers for upcoming releases to interviews with stars to the latest music videos, with many in English. For a change of pace, check out the sport section on Apnicommunity – cricket is a passion here, with lots of stories, statistics and other information about one of India’s favorite games. You can even get the joke of the day, play games and check out your horoscope – all part of the entertainment experience on Apnicommunity.com.

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