Aplb.org – Remembering a Beloved Pet

Perhaps not everyone realizes it, but the pain of losing a beloved pet can be as devastating in its way as that of losing a family member. The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement is acutely aware of this, and have established their online presence at aplb.org in order to provide a measure of support to those who are recovering from such an event.

Aplb.org offers a safe place for pet owners to offer up their memories regarding departed dogs, cats, birds and other companions. Their In Memoriam pages are filled with names, pictures and dates, detailing the life of a pet, each entry accompanied by a small but meaningful tribute to the lost one. Aplb helps remember the anniversary of each pet’s death by posting a candle icon next to the entry for a week following the date.

In addition to remembering past pets, alpb.org also has a large amount of information on how to deal with and get past these tragic events, including how to explain and help children going through the experience. There are links to other sites, some similar in intent to aplb.org, but also online resources for lost and missing pets, pet health, euthanasia and other topics that could be useful for pet owners in this situation.

APLB is a membership organization, and a subscription fee provides many benefits for members as well as supporting the operations of the organization and the site. A basic membership is $25, with discounts available for seniors and disabled persons.

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