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The Associated Press is a professional news aggregator that has some of the finest professional journalists and photographers from around the world. APimages.com has the most breath taking images that have ever been used by national and international news outlets. The Associated Press Images allow users to purchase prints through a third party vendor. There are literally hundreds of high quality photos available to purchase as a print. The subjects are as a diverse as iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe to the humble Americans that work hard for a living. Of course, there are literally dozens of images of the president and many other government officials.

Apimages.com also provides a way for users to contact them regarding photo assignments, video assignments, and editorial assignments. They have 25 professional photographers ready to help with your needs. In addition, apimages.com can help with publicity through distribution, promotion, press releases, and satellite media tours. Their publicity services make it easy to promote any kind of event or product. They also have a professional research team that can help find the exact image that is needed for the perfect ad. With over 100 years of images at their disposal, they can find what is needed in time for a tight deadline.

Apimages.com also has 15 million royalty free micro-stock images for anyone to use as long as they register. One can find pictures of anything imaginable. The picture is selected based on the type of image that is needed. There are pictures of flowers, celebrations, teenagers, cars, etc. These images would all be useful for websites, cards, or even to inspire the artist’s imagination.

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