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If you are in Germany and you need phone, internet, cell phones, cable or anything else like that then you should check out the website and see if it is a great option for you. When you are in need of phone service you will want the best that money can buy. Make sure that you look into all the packages. bundles and different services that you can get. You might need a lot of stuff or you might want just a few things. It is really up to you. If you have a business you can get a setup for that as well. The A1 company that owns the site can give you great customer service and wonderful support if you have any issues with your services that you get through them.


On you can find prices and a list of all the services that they have and exactly what they will have for you. Broadband is a great internet service. It is fast and reliable and it is available in many areas across Germany. You can even get mobile TV if you get the great applications that they offer through A1. You will be so glad that you checked them out. At the very least make sure that you go online and compare prices with your existing company and see if you can’t save money. Everyone wants to be able to save money these days, not just because it is a bad economy but because it is the smart thing to do in any economy. Check out the site today and see what you want to get!

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