– The Best Housing Resources for Pittsburgh provides some great resources for finding an apartment in the Pittsburgh area. This is the website for the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. provides a large amount of information on finding numerous services for residents with low incomes that wish to find affordable houses. By having affordable residential properties, the goal for these residents is to help them become self-sufficient. The HACP is in charge of a few thousand apartment units located in and around the city.

Apartmentsinpittsburgh will help residents find housing for the disabled, elderly, privately managed properties, and can also assist with Section 8 applications. One of the largest programs offered through the HACP is the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program works to assist those with low incomes by providing them with a subsidy for renting a home. Usually the residents will pay thirty to forty percent of their rent costs to a landlord and the remaining balance of the rent costs is paid by the Housing Authority.

The website offers users the ease of searching online for available properties and users can also fill out an application for homes. To ensure that the safety of disabled residents can be satisfied, the HACP offers residences that are appropriate for those with disabilities. For landlords, helps them list properties for rent, and those properties will be searchable by residents looking for housing. Apartmentsinpittsburgh is a very useful website for finding housing in the Pittsburgh area and for those looking for low-income assistance with their real estate search.

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