KillerStartups – The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Keeps Up with the World of Aviation brings together the aviation expertise of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. AOPA has been committed to aviation since 1939. It is a company that values trust and knowledge, striving to bring those traits to and to every member and non-member. has a committee with a variety of members, some who have been members since the 1950s. These men know the ins and outs of aviation and the changes in laws. The governance is there to step each member through those changes and to keep the skies a safe place to fly.

Becoming a member is inexpensive and opens up your experience on to news you would not receive otherwise. There are training courses and seminars you can take online to test your skills or learn what’s new in the world of piloting. Flight planning is crucial when ready to take off and is offered through the website. AOPA offers up to date weather information and provides warnings on issues that might keep you from being able to land at a certain airport. Despite needing a membership for some of these classes and aviation tools, there is a lot of free information available on the site.

With the question looming over them, “What would happen if General Aviation disappeared,” AOPA hopes for donations to their foundation to prevent you from ever knowing the answer. With the media sensationalizing accidents the amount of pilots is plummeting. The foundation raises money to improve upon community airports, improving aviation image, and nurturing the pilot population.

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