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AOneBill.comThere are users who are reticent to give away their credit card numbers online, and no-one could really point a finger at them. Information like that one is sensitive by nature, and the fact that they are even adverse to disclose it for a well-established system like PayPal simply highlights that alternatives will always have a ready public.

This site offers nothing more and nothing less than that: an alternative to PayPal in the shape of a mobile bill payment platform. In case you are new to the concept, a platform like this one means that the user will be provided with a short code and a keyword to send you (the webmaster) a SMS in order to make a payment.

As far as webmasters are concerned, this service is twice as good – not only does it give them access to more users, it can actually be implemented with little to no fuss. All it takes is joining AOneBill, signing up a contract and then placing the script that will be provided on the website. In Their Own Words

“Mobile payments provider.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are adverse to using a system like PayPal will find an alternative like this one interesting. It is more laborious, and that goes hand in hand into ensuring a bigger degree of safety.

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