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The online home of Alpha and Omega Ministries,, offers many resources to learn about their mission and purpose. They believe the Bible is the direct word of God and should not be edited. is home to a large group of ministries who believe in the same central idea, also called the New Testament Churches. Resources available include blogs, articles, books, and webcasts, with some being offered for free and others available for purchase. You can also directly contact them with queries about information provided on the site by using the contact us link and sending a brief message. They have multiple payment options, and checkout is done on another site.


If you have any questions on what Alpha Omega Ministries are, then will answer your queries. A detailed statement of faith is included in their site which goes over what they believe in much like a mission statement would for a corporation. It is clear that unlike many other Christian faiths, they strictly believe the Bible to be the true word of God, and not a misinterpretation to be loosely seen as simply a guideline for how to live your life.

The goal of is not to replace New Testament Churches, but rather to be an online resource and to help keep down distortion of scripture. They make it clear that queries on faith should be directed to your local pastor, unless they are directly related to a webcast on the website, or information provided by their president, James White. Donations also can be made directly on the site, in order to help them improve and keep their mission alive.

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