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AnyBeat.comOne would think that the combination of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus would cover the needs of just any person who feels like socializing online. And the huge number of applications and extensions for improving these services that are around (one was reviewed just half an hour ago) simply puts paid to the notion we need even more.


Or does it? The team that’s created AnyBeat would certainly like to disagree. They’ve come up with a service that’s mostly meant to be put to casual uses. That is, they’ve built a communication platform which is not aiming to dethrone Facebook or Twitter. No, AnyBeat is where you can go and find people to talk about anything that you’ve got in your head. It can be just any old thing, as the site is meant to let you discuss both your lifelong dreams and interests along with the topics of the moment.

AnyBeat accounts come at no cost, and registration is done by supplying your email, and by choosing a username and a password (you can change everything later on). And it’s also possible to connect your Facebook account to AnyBeat, and find interesting people to chat with closer at home. In Their Own Words

Anybeat is an online community, a public gathering place where you can interact with people from around your neighborhood or across the world. We don’t expect Anybeat to replace Facebook, Twitter, or any other service that you currently use. Instead, we hope that you will find it to be a casual place to gather and communicate with interesting people.

Some Questions About

How well-accepted can something like this become? Won’t most people just keep on finding folks to talk to on sites such as Facebook and Twitter?

Author : Roger Hollings

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