Come As You Are, Any Flannel Pocket Tee, As I Want You To Be

I don’t write about clothing often. So, when my eyes came across the word “flannel,” I swooned. Relax, I’m no Proust, and flannel (I’m guessing) doesn’t taste as good as a madeleine. I did, however, hear Pearl Jam playing in my head and feel myself taken back to my high school glory days during the height of grunge.


Now I don’t care about badges or logos, and I’m not really sentimental, but I would be happy to wear a little piece of my youth on my chest, which is exactly what the Any Flannel apparel company makes possible.


Any Flannel landing


Any Flannel is a new clothing company, launching into business by selling its Porunga Pocket Tee – a cotton T-shirt with a pocket made of recycled flannel.


Any Flannel’s tee shirt is made of soft American cotton, so it’s comfortable to wear. The pocket is assembled out of cut up and recycled flannel (giving the company a few extra power cords worth of sustainability). Plus, these tees are fun – each one bears a different pocket design and is shipped out randomly. If you want to create a unique wardrobe, look no further.


If you’re looking for comfort, you’re covered. If you want eye-catching yet modest apparel — score! If you just love plaid and want a tasteful way to incorporate it into your wardrobe? Done.


Flannel used for the Porunga Pocket Tee comes from vintage button-downs. There’s a black and blue number that I swear I recognize. I wore a similar pattern over shirt after concert shirt of my favorite Seattle bands… which goes to show that the project hits the right notes. Any Flannel offers shirts that are simple, familiar, yet different.


Forget the fancy shmancy tags of overpriced brands (who all too frequently source their materials from outside of the country and have their goods made by exploited workers). Any Flannel is startup-spirited, homegrown alternative for a closet staple.


To help fire up operations, Any Flannel has taken to Kickstarter in search of backing. As of this writing, there’s a little over three weeks left on their clock and they’re already over halfway to reaching their $5,000 goal.


This is your chance to not only rock some repurposed fabric and uber-comfy tees but to help two refreshingly understated entrepreneurs realize their dreams (watch the Kickstarter video).


This author takes no responsibility if you also decide to grow your hair out, learn to skateboard, and begin singing through clenched teeth. He has merely introduced you to Any Flannel’s pocket tee.


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