– A Cloud Based Security Partner

Security is an important concept to businesses – the ability to keep corporate and intellectual information safe yet accessible is the mission of ANX is a company providing managed security services for thousands of customers all over the world. Their website at displays their commitment to corporate success in a wide variety of fields.

Those in the healthcare industry can find a lot to like with ANX. The core of the patient-health care provider relationship is trust, and the knowledge that private medical data is secure. ANX has a cloud-based private network specially designed for secure connectivity between businesses, clinics and insurance companies. They use this resource to create one single point of connection, integrating all the functions of a medical office and allowing authorized access from any computer, tablet or smartphone device. This creates a “work anywhere” environment that keeps critical data safe. gives a broad overview of their work with any number of different industries, including automotive, manufacturing, banking and many more. They use case studies, news releases and blogs to discuss how these disparate industrial partners all use ANX services in a fully integrated, turnkey way to keep their files and corporate information safe. has many scheduled webinars that focus on particular aspects of their services, giving current clients and potential partners the opportunity to explore ANX in a more in-depth way. ANX services are fully scalable and can be customized to meet not only the type of business, but also its size, providing threat management, security and compliance consulting services all at one convenient location.

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