– A Great Family Tree Website is a website dedicated to the Anwers family. This site gives the family tree of the Anwers clan. The family tree starts with Khurshid and Ulfat Anwers and moves through a few generations. There are about 20 people named on the site and they will be adding photos soon.

This is a very small site that consists of only two pages, which are the main webpage and the email page. Even though it is small there is a lot of information on The information offered is however only relevant to people related to the Anwers.

There are two people listed first on the site and underneath their names are three additional names. Under these three other names you will find a list of people. These lists contain from two to six different people.

The first two columns of names have the same last name as the first name of the person listed above them. The last list however which only has two people has a different name than the first person listed. You will notice that on the very first column of names only one person has the last name Anwers. This person who’s name is Arsalan Ijaz Anwer is the only one in the last generation to carry on the family name. The other last names in this generation are Ijaz, Asad and Iftikhar. If you would like more information on this family you can contact them through the email link. You can easily click on the email link tab at the very top of the page and it will take you to a page where you can correspond with this family. All in all is a great site.

Anwers In The Web