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What makes a unique experience in correlation to other programs of its kind out there? Besides teachers at the university who are not only versed in their subjects but have worked in their fields before, Antioch University wants you to explore that same experience. When making a decision about a career path the future can seem daunting. The school offers on-job experience so you not only get your feet wet in the field but so that you know that this is the right path for you. Sometimes, through experience, people learn they are better suited to another field and Antioch wants you to find the one that suits you. If you aren’t looking for a degree and just for a chance to further your education, is the choice for you. offers a variety of classes, including classes in environmental studies and sustainability. Making the world a more sustainable place to live is one of the hot buttons right now and people are looking to understand the climate change and how to save the very planet we thrive on. At the universities you will find classes that will help you reach your full potential as your passion in this field grows. has campuses across the US in Ohio, New Hampshire, Washington, and two campuses in California. With a growing education program they are even set to offer classes to those abroad, places like Germany offering specific programs to those accepted. Each campus may have a different set of classes, but each university offers the same basic teaching, counseling, and on-the-job experience. The feel stays the same through each one.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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