– Mobile Microlistings Come True

Antengo.comAntengo mixes the best of several social sites together and comes up with something quite refreshing for a change. Basically, it is a system for the posting of microlistings. And these microlistings are meant to be addressed to the people who are nearby, so that you will get a direct response to your problem or predicament.

For example, if you are at the door of a Radiohead concert and you desperately need a ticket then you can post one such microlisting. If someone who is nearby reads it, and he happens to have one spare ticket (or he is willing to part with the one he has) then it will be a matter of specifying who each of you look like, and choosing a point to meet for the transaction to take place.

And the uses for Antengo are actually far, far wider than the above example might have made you think. For instance, you can post a microlisting in the event your dog has just gone missing. All you have to do is describe it. If he has not run far away, the chances of someone finding it and reporting back to you are anything but slim. I am sure you can think of a couple more uses yourself. And I would be surprised if a single one of them is not really practical in itself. In Their Own Words

Antengo is a free mobile application that facilitates real-time, location-based, person-to-person exchanges. By turning traditional classified listings into geo-tagged twitter sized microlistings, Antengo lets you quickly connect with people nearby.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like the best from Twitter, Foursquare and Craiglist put together in the same service.

Some Questions About

Will more similar services follow suit?