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Answers.vizu.comVizu Answers provides a market research tool which can be used by anyone who needs an answer. Vizu uses a network of websites and polls which are affordable and remarkably simple to use.

Finding the answer to your question is a quick matter of putting together some questions; Vizu then places your poll directly on selected websites and you”ll receive responses in real time. You choose the audience– whether it be blog readers, news outlets, retail portals, or media driven sites. Vizu charges on a CPM basis or cost per thousand poll impressions; rates vary by site, but you can get started for just $99. Publishers meanwhile can monetize their site traffic and obtain reader demographic stats. Polls can also be customized to fit the existing site design. Market research has never been easier. In Their Own Words

“Vizu Answers allows you to conduct custom market research quickly, easily, and at an affordable price.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Vizu is a much more cost effective and convenient means to obtain research data; because of it”s low price, anyone from students to entrepreneurs can use it. Unlike traditional market panels, Vizu poll users aren”t artificially motivated to answer the questions; results are quickly obtained, and polls can be sent up in no time.

Some Questions About

How accurate will these polls really be? Will people actually take the time to answer poll questions? Will these polls be a worthwhile expense?