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AnswerJam.comAnswerJam can be defined as a community site where users share their secrets and dreams in an anonymous manner. This way, they can vent their frustrations, get things off their chests and receive advice and solace.

The site has the layout we all have come to expect from such resources, that is, the latest postings are spotlighted on the main page, whereas featured vents are prominently showcased. These deal with harsh but real issues that we as people tend to look away from, such as “I’m pregnant by someone I don’t love”, and the chance to discuss them in any manner is very welcome indeed.

The ever-present “Most popular” category is also included, and you can resort to it in order to see which issues, thoughts and reflections are attracting the most attention among site users.

When all is said and done, it is always handy to have a link to a resource such as this one at hand. Crises strike when you least expect it, and it is comforting to know that helping hands can be closer than you first thought. Consider paying the site a visit if you want to see how you can bring succor to others, or if you are not feeling that super and could use a shoulder. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever sat in a café, or on the train, and listened to someone telling their friend about a dream they’ve had, or problems they’re having ‘with their partner, or some deep dark secret? Did you want to lean over and say “well, if you just do this…”, but were held back by social niceties? Well, we’ve certainly been there. So we thought – let’s build a place where people can come along, assured of their anonymity, and read people’s secrets, vents, and dreams, and then comment on them, or go and post their own. What could be more fun?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who need a hand and those who think that they can lend one can meet through the site, and interact in a manner as anonymous as they wish.

Some Questions About

What kind of stories can and can’t be shared online? Are there limitations of any kind?