Answering Analytics Ambitions

Big data analytics remains a deeply-desired skill set across employment verticals. As models evolve in all market spaces, employers demand smarter cross-channel analysis for deeper insight into possible efficiencies. This growing trend has already driven 50,000 established and developing data scientists to SuperDataScience, the premier hub for explicated analytics.

Founded in 2017, when “big data” was more of a marketing buzzword than a standard proficiency, SuperDataScience has accrued user consistently since then, thanks to its library of over 2,500 instructional videos.

The site is more than just a convivial social hub for users interested in learning, through collaboration, about the very cutting edges of data science. It is also an entry-level solo educational resource comprising some 200+ hours of in-depth video content taught by experts in the data science field.

That content is broken down into specific “study paths” that learners can follow, paths which have been built around common job functions and career development goals that existing site users have expressed. SuperDataScience retains freshness by remaining a user-driven experience; this is evident both on the front end—where new users are on-boarded into the community though self-satisfying vocabulary building, and on the back end—where constant, agile redevelopment based on community-built objectives ensure a regular and relatable feature flow.

Given this open-minded design philosophy, it’s no wonder that the site has been quick to accrue accolades. Guy Manova, a Canadian media analyst, explains that the streamlined community onboarding education material “is hands down the best I’ve seen. SuperDataScience instructors simplify the complex, focusing on what you need to know, without confusing you with what you don’t.”

Garth Zoller, a Data Analyst with NetApp in Durham, NC, concurs: “SuperDataScience will keep you motivated and engaged,” he explains, as an active member. ”You will quickly build and demonstrate your data science competence. This is one of the best investments you can make in your professional journey.”

Larry Weixel, AI Systems Engineering Lead at Lockheed Martin in Dallas TX, has 21 years experience using big data to train intelligence models and find occluded patterns. He found that SuperDataScience “instructors have a relaxed, yet professional style, and provide answers to anticipated questions during the courses. I continue to be impressed by the content.”

What makes the site great is its ability to satisfy the curiosity demands of the established professional data analytics class, while still offering an industry on-ramp for new talent, avoiding the “old boys club” feel that many professional fora engender. Sanaz Afshar found her way to a promising career at Netgear in Santa Clarita, CA. “After only a few months learning at SDS I was able to get a Data Analyst job,” she explains. “After I got the job, I am still continuing learning from the many different courses.”

In addition to the community and video-driven content, the site offers a number of internally-produced podcasts. These podcasts allow you to continue to absorb new and important vocabulary and concepts “in the background” as you do other things, such as commuter or clean your home. If you want to become a background expert on big data analytics, SuperDataScience is a community waiting for you.