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AnswerBase.comOutdated? Questions and answers websites? That is utter piffle, that is. Sites like AnswerBase just prove that there is a lot of life left in the concept, as it basically enables people to put together a site of such nature, and invite all their friends to try it out. All their friends, and also people who they are not really acquainted with, but who might find what is debated there worth a look.

Besides, using AnswerBase it is extremely easy to come up with a Q & A site that can actually be integrated into the sites that users already have. So, any retailer will be able to use AnswerBase as a sort of support desk and extend the ways in which customers can dispel any doubt they might have concerning these products they sell (or even manufacture). And the fact these sites are mobile-friendly simply makes everything stands as a more flexible alternative.

Four subscription levels are available: Basic, Professional, Business and Enterprise. Free 14-day trials can be initiated in all cases. Differences include a larger degree of customization, and integration with other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In Their Own Words

Answerbase allows you to add a Q&A community on your website in just a couple of minutes. The Q&A platform enables the visitors on your website to ask questions, and get relevant answers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for giving any site a true community feel, and showing customers that you are always there to answer their queries.

Some Questions About

What other uses can this be put to?

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