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AnsMart.comUnlike most social Q&A websites and forums, AnsMart provides financial reward for your effort and time in answering questions. They truly believe that it is the driving force to build a professional Q&A market.


Their goal is to provide high quality answers, shorten answer wait times, and share financial reward with contributing users. AnsMart employs an answer screening process. Once a question is posted, unlimited numbers of answer samples (partially completed answers) can be collected from answerers. The questioner makes his pick and invites 1 or more answerers to submit a complete answer. Only the earliest respondent can submit a complete answer. The questioner will give a rating to the answerer and it determines how much the answerer earns. In Their Own Words

“AnsMart employs a level system to differentiate among answerers. High level answerers are those with proven track record on providing quality answers. Only high level answerers will have access to expensive question. Meanwhile, answerers will only get paid by providing satisfactory answers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Today, a remaining market remains an untapped goldmine – semi-professional answer services, a niche between free answer site and pricey consulting service. AnsMart is an online marketplace of knowledge exchange in the form of questions and paid answers across a broad range of subject areas. AnsMart has designed an innovative monitoring and rating system to create a zero fraud platform that ensures answerers are rewarded for their efforts. This motivates the best subject matter experts to provide quality answers keeping them loyal to AnsMart while driving knowledge seekers’ satisfaction and retention.

Some Questions About

Will they try to improve the design of the site? This will help attracting new users.

Author : Charly Zaks

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