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Anmum is a company that is there to service parents and medical professionals. If you go on the site you will see that you are able to log into the site either as a parent or as a doctor or other medical professional. When you click on the parent part it gives you a option to click what country you are from and it will then translate into what they assume your native language would be. If you are from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and other countries in that region you can click on it and the site will take you to the page for you. If you are a medical person you can log in and be brought to the pages that have other information for you.


Anmum operates in the dairy and nutrition sectors. At you can click on parent tabs for moms who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking care of tots, and there is a section to help dads out as well. The site has a lot of invaluable information that will help you to get your child the best nutrition possible so that he or she is as healthy as can be. Anmum knows that a child’s nutrition starts before they are born so they have many products that are there to help mom when she is pregnant so that the unborn baby can be as nutritionally sound as possible. This great site has all kinds of information articles from weight gain to how much calcium you need. Anmum is a leading distributor of dairy and other dairy based products in these countries and they strive to bring their customers the best. You can also connect with other medical professionals on, make sure that you check out the site today.

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