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Anjuno.comThe purpose of Anjuno is to provide artists and punters with a framewok where they can connect and interact with each other. Artists such as musicians and writers can post their works for free, and fans can download these pieces at the price they deem as fair or appropriate.

The logic behind such an approach is not that hard to get to grips with – instead of pirating a new CD because the user does not feel like paying 12 US$, he can procure it through Arjuno for 1, 2 5 or as many dollars as he feels befitting. Also, the user can download anything he likes for free and then come back to pay at a later date.

Besides, a system like this one aims to keep middle men out of the picture as much as possible. These always weigh prominently into the equation of how much the artist actually receives, and by dispensing with them it is hoped that the artist might even receive a higher rate from what is a smaller payment. In Their Own Words

“Anjuno is a digital media website designed to connect fans and artists. Artists can post their music and books absolutely free. Fans can discover this new art, download it, enjoy it, and pay whatever they want for it. Instead of pirating that new album because you don’t feel like paying $15, pay $2 here on Anjuno. And since we don’t take huge cuts of the profit like record labels and publishers, the artist ends up making more from your small payment on Anjuno.

Maybe you love the album? Pay the full $15 and the band makes far more than they would’ve if you bought it on iTunes or Amazon. Why pay publishers when you’re trying to pay the artists you love?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting take on a traditionally complex (and controversial) subject. It aims to eliminate middle men and let the artists and his followers connect more directly.

Some Questions About

Can the artist specify that a minimum amount be paid for his art?