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Aniwai.comAniwai is the sort of social network that Holden Caulfied types would create if they were into the whole social networking extravaganza. It’s social networking catered to those who cringe in the face of Myspace, yet still hope for something worthy, and world changing that doesn’t thrive on celebrity mongering and bombastic photo spreads of everyone’s wonderful life.


Founded by two German lads, the site has maps, user profiles, pics, friends, blogs and more. Other useful inclusions are geolinking for users and pics, and ani-chat. It’s pretty slick looking and it’s got some practical educational info, so that users can get to a little bit, the countries from which their fellow ani-mates come. In Their Own Words

“Aniwai is not meant to be just a nice networking thingy. It is meant to be an attitude. It’s about overcoming prejudices and stereotypes. It’s about seeing for ourselves and getting in touch. It’s about exchange, respect and sharing. We resolve to do things — aniwai.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Aniwai has written a heartfelt manifesto that distinguishes it from the rest of the social pack. It’s geared to a crowd that’s fed up with corporate sponsorship, and conglomerates and phoneys. Given the nature of today’s younger generation this site could be just what the Myspace weary asked for.

Some Questions About

Any consideration of adding a FAQ’s page for more info about site functions? Will this prove to be just another site, or will it indeed become popular? How is it going to be maintained by its two man team?

Author : Siri Marshall

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