– A Great Home for Anime Writers provides a home on the internet for lovers of Japanese animation that also consider themselves role players. These writers are given a playground on this website to live out all of their dreams in a writing format. This forum has several rooms dedicated to various anime television shows that are not only for role playing but include forums for their discussions. Writers are also encouraged to show off their artistic side with a fan art section that showcases the best (and worst) of the fan created art. New users are encouraged to create their own avatar and username to participate in all of the fun activities that will provide them.

Contests are held monthly for fans to create new banners to be showcased on the front page. Manga (which is homosexual anime) fans are also encouraged to use the website to reach out to other fans. Users can reach out to others based upon their specific favorite shows, these include Bleach, One Piece, and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Users are consistently online, and the latest role playing posts are available within minutes of their updates. Writers can spread their wings and brainstorm together to create fanciful stories that will forever be remembered upon The website also provides a weekly member spotlight for the most active writers and users. This prestigious title isn’t given out to all and many members anticipate when their avatar will be displayed on the home page. Anivide prides itself in being ‘anime friends and everything in between!’ There is always a home for animation lovers on this website.

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