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AnimatedExplanations.comAs its name suggests, the Animated Explanations website is a resource that groups together animated movies and media that has an instructional value attached to it. Through the videos hosted on this site you will be capable of learning more about things that are completely strange to you, as well as improving your knowledge about the ones you are already well-acquainted with.


And these videos can actually be embedded on your own site, so that if you have a blog devoted to cooking lessons or about how to play the bass you will be able to come up with content to further engage your visitors.

Some of the videos and animations that were available when I checked the site out included “How to find a new job using LinkedIn?” and “What Is Twitter?”, whereas health and lifestyle-related topics were also prominently featured.

And in case you want to have an animation about something that is not already included on the site, you can request such a clip be created for you. A quote can be obtained free of charge. In Their Own Words

“A website full of animated movies, interactive tutorials and instructional videos, all free for you to view and to embed in your website. Simply select an animated explanation and follow the instructions to integrate it in your site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Explanations that are done in this fashion are truly vivid and apprehensible.

Some Questions About

How long are these videos and clips on average?

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