KillerStartups – Helping live with diabetes offers a wealth of information for visitors using insulin pumps, as well as other articles on how various lifestyle changes impact diabetics. The sight is simple and well laid out, ensuring anyone who wants to browse it won’t be stopped simply by poor design. There’s a standard row of links running across the top of the page along with a regional drop down menu to choose the country or continent. Highlighting each link reveals a drop down menu with relevant information. Under community for example, is links to user blogs and other chats. One of the more thoughtful features of the sight is a button near the country selection that allows a user to resize the text without needing to use cumbersome internet browser settings.

While offers articles and news, they also sell their insulin pump lines. The One Touch Ping is a new century ‘smart’ insulin pump that can manage the task all on its own. Under the ‘products’ category you’ll find detailed information on their line of pumps along with pictures, descriptions and support information. In addition there are specific facts available, in slide form that better explain what their product does. Using these slides will give a better idea of what these products do, and how they work. also has free information to help diabetics and other insulin resistant people manage their symptoms. Articles like how to travel with an insulin pump, managing to exercise, even how to be intimate are all covered in some detail. This information is offered without cost to general site visitors, helping those with diabetes and insulin resistance get the best out of life.

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