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Making this a more animal friendly world is the motto of, and the site lives up to its name by helping to educate humans about animals and what they need to survive and thrive. An alphabetized index that links to other websites that have more detailed descriptions of each type of critter is here. For the kids there are references to dinosaurs and drawings outlined for coloring, games and how to help the other creatures in our world. Under the category of helping animals, articles with discussions are here, with such subject matter as “Are annual vaccines really required for my pet?” The usual pets are covered, the dogs and cats, fish and birds, but additionally there are photos and reference materials for the more exotic critters like ferrets and lizards on

There are fantastic photo’s here of not only the type of beasts mentioned already, but also amphibians and arachnids, along with invertebrates and their subcategory insects. Sharing information is also a key feature here, and so there’s a top ten of the most popular pictures, which to nobodies surprise features some of the big predatory cats of the world as well as the lovable clowns like penguins. Dolphins, monkeys, and polar bears also make an appearance in the gallery.

Outdoor activities like bird watching and ecotourism, as well as the visiting of zoo’s are promoted. In a similar vein animal rescue, endangered species, conservation and the environment are examined. In the endangered species listing for example is the discussion concerning what should be done to stop the hunting of rhinos and their being poached in protected areas. So there is a wide variety of things see and do here on