– Animal Rescue League

The web page is a fully comprehensive web resource covering all of the services offered by the Pittsburgh-based organization. The page is divided into three main subgroups that should cover the needs and inquiries of all interested and potentially interested parties.

The website features a user-friendly section for those wishing to adopt pets. Pictures of the animals, along with important details such as name and age are listed in this section. The interface also makes it easy to search through the animals for specific breeds or ages and also gives information on whether the pets in question have been spayed or neutered.

The website also offers valuable information on the group’s other services for those who already own pets or those who do not own or wish to own pets but would still like to support the cause. The website offers details on their services that make pet-ownership an easier experience. Details are given on processes such as pet grooming, boarding, veterinary procedures,

spay/neuter programs and pet loss grievance programs. also outlines the processes required for donations. They specifically define where the funds go and also give details on non monetary donations that help the cause. They clearly define what is needed and where it goes, giving transparency to the process and making the plea for donations a sincere one for all those who are considering supporting the cause. The website is fully comprehensive and explains the many services that the layman may forget are necessary to pet ownership.

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