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With AniDB, fan followers of the Japanese cartoon animation genre known as anime can keep track of their favorite films and shows at This is a non-profit outfit whose main purpose is to be a database that is open to all for access for reading, adding information, or editing existing information on these film titles. Registration is open to everyone, and users are encouraged to contribute. One of the features that caters to the individual user is a personal list capability. Called Mylist, it is an online list that each user can maintain for tracking what shows and films they’ve already viewed from the dizzyingly long body work that is available. The creator(s) of this site tout the fact that users will no longer be subject to the problems associated with using a freestanding software program to maintain their own database.

While AniDB has much information about anime files that are available on the internet, the site is scrupulous about not allowing any file sharing (and does not offer this capability), any requests for file sharing, nor offerings or even discussions about file sharing. Keeping the site legal and honest only benefits the producers of the beloved works, as opposed to promoting piracy of their product on

As is typical with a database function, has their catalog sortable by defined fields such as character name or movie creator. Songs which are often integral and memorable to a story are also listed. Serving this branch of cinema appreciation is what AniDB is all about.

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