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The beauty and vibrancy of the Republic of Angola is captured on, a website that comes from The Embassy of Angola, located in Washington D.C. is not just a place to go for information on the embassy itself but is a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to travel to or from this thriving African land. The website thrives on the many different economics from a rich African culture and makes you feel the culture from this country.


The country is located on the west coast of Africa; the northern border intercepts with the Congo. The country is most known for two of its exports: oil and diamonds. They are one of the leading contributors of oil. As to their diamonds, nearly 70% that are pulled from the northeastern lands are of great quality.

The primary language spoken in there is Portuguese, though many of the people will learn native African languages such as Bantu. teaches about Angola finding its origins within the Kongo and amidst the Bantu people. A variety of different cultures that visit and go through the country are likely the reason the religion has the diversity it does, being split between indigenous beliefs, Roman Catholic, and Protestant.

The Embassy of Washington D.C. for does everything they can to help promote tourism and economic value while giving assistance to those in need. Visa questions are easily answered by the helpful consular that has convenient hours to work with anyone in need. There is also information on the other two consulates for the Republic of Angola, which are located in New York and Texas.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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