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Helping to bring the thousands of Episcopal followers throughout the globe together, offers links to official church sites, answers to frequently asked questions and more. With everything from how to make a religious website to how to stay connected with other followers, the site provides users with the tools and information they need to stay connected and informed.


Those interested in learning more about the church can find information about the history, governance and communion by reading through the many articles listed on The articles provide a detailed description about the official Episcopal authority and provide valuable education to those who seek it.

Even more information can be found through the use of the Anglican site’s A-Z online dictionary of commonly used church words. Common words listed here, such as Anglican, Bishop and Holy Orders are defined in a real-life language that is easily understood- even by those who are not completely familiar with the Episcopal religion.

To help make the search for additional information easier, the website also provides a global search feature where users can search through thousands of links throughout the web, all from one place. For those who wish to connect with other sources, there is also an extended list of national, transnational and province church links found on the site.

By combining search features, links, dictionaries and answers to frequently sought questions, allows users a site where they can find an abundance of religious information that is otherwise difficult to find online.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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