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Angellearning is helping teachers who are always looking for the best software to help them present their ideas and learning concepts to their students using cutting edge technology. allows teachers to have access to the most cutting edge technology available, showing them that it is very easy to incorporate videos and slide shows onto their online blackboard.


Not only does Angellearning allow teachers to incorporate technology to their students, it also allows them the ability to take Webinars on their website so that they can learn how to use their online Blackboard program more effectively to teach their students. Online support for using the system is plentiful, with online support to help those teachers that may have questions for problems that arise while they are putting together their online lessons.

For educators new to the program, Angellearning has test sites where the user can log on and enter all of their course information. Before allowing their personal website to go live, the user will go to a sample site where they can test how user friendly their site is. From there, the user can actually get feedback from other educators on their page before posting it. also allows the students in the online course the ability to view their grades and progress in the class by allowing the teacher to post grades and progress notes that only the student can see with a unique id and password. This allows the student to be held accountable for their progress in the course.

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