search cancel – Rankings and Records for the World provides a variety of different rankings and records from all over the world. A lot of fun and factual information can be found when readers look through all the different lists that are on Aneki. There is a list right on the front of the website that states the world’s richest people and additional information about them. In addition to this, there is also a list of the top Twitter users and how many people follow them. Both of these lists and all the others that are on the website are constantly updated to keep all the content fresh and accurate.


The different lists on are separated by different subjects. These include: countries, technology, natural world, health, people and also entertainment. Users of the website can look at all the different records and rankings based on which subject they are most interested in. Some of the fun top 10’s include: countries with the most call center workers, cities with most letter carrier dog attacks and movies that have grossed the most money.

Users can visit Aneki whenever they want to find out new and interesting facts about the world and everything involved with it. There are always new lists, top 10s, records and rankings being created on a daily basis. The search box on this website allows users to search for specific subjects they would like to find. This makes it a lot easier to search through all the rankings available to find something specific. has literally thousands of different rankings and unique records lists made for each subject!

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Author : Steve Dixon

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