KillerStartups – Learn All About Andy is a website designed and kept up by a man in his twenties named Andy who is an engineer by trade. He shares certain aspects of his life with the world through Visitors to this website can view quotes from Andy, his friends, and others who he finds interesting and entertaining. There are links to a wide range of daily web and syndicated comics, everything from Calvin and Hobbes to Beatle Bailey to Garfield to White Ninja and many more. Several game links are also available. There are many different online games available to accommodate many different interests and playing preferences. The games are all of high quality and require Shockwave, Java, and Flash software. New games and popular games are listed first followed by a listing of all available games. In addition, there is a place where site visitors can chat, another feature contributes to this being a fun and interactive site.

Andy also shares pictures from his personal life through He displays pictures from various time periods in his life including high school, all four years of his college experience, life after college, and life after marriage. There are also video clips and films either made by or of interest to Andy that the public has the opportunity to view. The about me section clues website visitors in as to who Andy is and his motivations behind this site. He shares selected information about himself including his birth date, hobbies, and favorite TV shows.

Andyslife is a personal website of a fairly average guy, but yet a site that many people will find interesting, especially those who enjoy comics, games, and funny quotes and video clips.

Andyslife In The Web

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