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andUNITE.comAt they believe that search engines should be seen as venues where you can meet other people with similar interests, because nothing describes your interests better than your search terms.

You can use your favorite search engine, save your search terms at andUNITE, and share your search terms with others. You will find faster, meet friends, and zap the web. Ask a question when Google lets you down, stay up-to-date with the latest search queries of your friends, and be inspired by the diversity of search terms and discover new bands, websites, etc. Join andUNITE, it’s anonymous, safe, and free. In Their Own Words

“Share your search terms with your friends and get instant information about them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is nice and elegant and features a neat design. The concept showed on its beta phase is great and the idea is simple and interesting. Results could be great or lousy, but it’s a very interesting proposal.

Some Questions About

Will this kind of social search really catch on? Will users see the benefit of such a simple tool?