search cancel – forums and information about Androids is one of the most popular resources for everything to do with Android phones. The forums on Android Central are some of the most visited areas on the entire website. This is where Android enthusiasts can discuss new updates, applications, devices being developed, hardware tweaks and more. There are also different threads dedicated to all the most popular Android phones on the market. Website users can also find help and how to for their devices through Since so many experts and enthusiasts use, it carries a lot of really good information


The news section of the site offers all the latest official news updates about Android devices as well as technology in general. There are videos available that show what the different phones do and how they work when compared to others that are similar. The reviews that are listed for the different Android phones and devices can provide a lot of insight for buyers that are shopping around. These reviews are written to help people determine which item they want to purchase. Since there are so many different options, reviews help quite a bit. Another popular section of is the apps area. This has recommendations, news and updates for all the different apps for Androids.

There is even information about how to get downloads for free and which accessories are the most purchased for different devices. To top it all off there is also an area where people can sign up to become members. This gives users access to the forums and updates for the website in general.

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Author : Bill Webb

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