– Official Website of Andre Rieu is performer Andre Rieu’s official website. This website is a one stop venue to find out everything there is to know about Rieu and his concerts. There is a calendar that shows where Andre Rieu will be performing on each particular day in the future. A news section also highlights all current news regarding Rieu and his performances. Fans and others can learn what is new and keep up with him even if they are currently nowhere near where he is performing live. There is information on concerts and even when he will be on television or on the radio. There’s a ticketing area as well where people who are interested in buying tickets to his shows can see what is available and purchase them.

Andre’s biography is available to read on this site as well. It is in timeline form so people who are interested can see how events in his life have shaped him into the well-known performer that he is today. His career started taking off at the age of five when he started violin lessons. There are many interesting facts in this part of the website that few people are aware of. Additionally, there’s a section that goes even further in depth about Andre and his orchestra known as the Johann Strauss orchestra. is a great source of information for Rieu’s fans and others interested in him or classical style music. also offers a gallery of pictures and a collection of videos. Viewers of this site can see pictures and videos of performances and events that are likely not aware anywhere else. There’s also a guestbook where people can view and leave comments as well as a web shop where people can buy CDs, DVDs, books, art, and other fan memorabilia.

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